Our Mission

At Southeast we believe that who you are on the mat reflects who you are in life. karate is the instrument for the development of mental and physical strength as well as the development of integrity and character. We are devoted to building a community that is both fun-loving and also rich with these qualities. 


Southeast Karate opened its doors in February of 2016. We are a school that specializes in the instruction of Shotokan Karate which is a strictly Japanese style of karate.  Students can begin training at any age, as young as 4 or even well into adulthood.  All levels of experience are welcome here!

Troy Hirschkorn, owner and head instructor, is a lifelong karate veteran with 28 years of experience in martial arts.  His skill as a competitor is matched only by his passion as an instructor and coach where he thrives on building relationships with his students and facilitating their individual growth by identifying their unique strengths and building upon them.
Being a part of Southeast Karate is being a part of a community. Come and join us today so that you can enjoy the many benefits of our martial arts community.

Who you are at the dojo reflects who you are in life and vise versa. I’m teaching kids how be disciplined, respectful people inside and outside of class.
— Sensei Troy Hirschkorn

Where we came from and where we're headed

Troy Hirschkorn has spent his life training and competing in Karate.  After putting in many years teaching in other schools and developing other karate programs, his passion for instructing and coaching lead him to open his own dojo, Southeast Karate LLC.  

After being open for less than a year, many Southeast Karate students are placing in elite level competitions across the country.  

Southeast Karate is unique for the intimate relationship that Sensei Troy builds with his students, and for the relationships that students build with each other.  We are devoted to the protection and cultivation of a supportive and inviting community culture that reflects the integrity of the art of karate.

We hope to continue to grow while maintaining our accessibility and flexibility for students of all levels.