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Sensei Troy Hirschkorn: owner/head instructor

Troy Hirschkorn, owner and Head Instructor at Southeast Karate, has 28 years of experience practicing traditional Japanese karate.  Sensei Troy is a 13 year veteran on the USA National Karate Team and a 7 year veteran of the Jr. National Team which is the only organization that is sanctioned by the United States Olympic Committee.  He is a seasoned expert as a 4th degree black belt, and has competed and medaled at several elite international competitions including Pan American Championships, Worlds, North American Championships, the US open, and Nationals many times over.


Sensei Troy's achievements as a world-class competitor are as follows:

  • World renown karate instructor

  • Pan American Cup gold medalist and 2-time bronze medalist

  • North American Cup gold medalist and 2-time silver medalist

  • 2005 World Championship 4th place contender

  • 3-time National Championship gold medalist


Brittany Bacon: Co-owner/office manager

Miss Brittany is Southeast Karate's Office Manager and co-owner. She is responsible for all of the dojo's administration and communication; she makes sure that things run as smoothly as possible.  When she is not at Southeast Karate, Miss Brittany has the pleasure of serving the community as the Youth & Family Services Program Director at the Eastside branch of the YMCA of Greenville. You are likely to see her supporting the programs at the YMCA, assisting the instructors, and interacting with students and parents.  

Brittany has an MA in psychology, a BA in philosophy and over 15 years of experience working with children and families in educational, clinical, and wellness settings.  

sensei bekah benham: Instructor

Southeast Karate is thrilled to have Sensei Bekah Benham join the team as an Instructor, personal trainer, and coach.  Sensei Bekah has a BA in kinesiology with a concentration in athletic training; she is also an ACE certified personal trainer. Sensei Bekah is a Shodan (or first degree black belt) in karate, and is pursuing her black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With 5 years of experience as a US national team member, she has competed in international tournaments and medaled several times over on the national level.

Sensei Bekah is a seasoned instructor with 10 years of teaching experience in karate including experience teaching students with special needs.

Outside of the dojo, you can find Sensei Bekah enjoying her many pets, good food, and weight lifting. 


sempai zach Hirschkorn: Instructor

Sempai Zach Hirschkorn is the youngest member of the Southeast Karate team and a very talented young Instructor.  With just three years of training and competing, he shows immense propensity for the sport and art of karate.  Sempai Zach has 2 years of experience teaching with Southeast Karate, and a clear way with children.  He is playful, tenderhearted, and naturally skilled at building relationships with students.  

When he's not teaching, you can find Sempai Zach at the YMCA where he works as an after-school counselor, Costco where he works part-time, or working out and training for competition. 



sensei quinn thomas

Southeast Karate is pleased to introduce Sensei Quinn Thomas as our affiliate and substitute instructor.  Sensei Quinn has studied various styles of karate over the years including Seiei Khan and Wado Ryu along with Shotokan; he also has experience in kobuto (weapons) including bo, sai, nunchaku, bringing rounded martial arts experience to Southeast Karate. He recently earned shodan or first degree black belt ranking and received the title of sensei in Shotokan karate and Southeast Karate is proud to announce that he is the first student to earn his black belt through our dojo!

A married father of three, Sensei Quinn is an electrical engineer by trade with a BSEE from Ohio University.  His interests vary from riding his motorcycle, to photography, woodturning, knife-making, camping, hiking, painting, and playing his guitar.  

 Photo courtesy of:  Shelley Lipton Photography

Photo courtesy of: Shelley Lipton Photography

sensei vassar louie-bradford

Sensei Vassar has moved all the way from Alaska to join us as an affiliate instructor, private kata coach, and personal trainer.  With 26 years of experience training in karate and 23 years of experience teaching karate, Sensei Vassar brings a wealth of expertise to our community.  He is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist, Level One USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, TRX SMTC & FTC Qualified Trainer, and he is also American Heart Association CPR certified.

Sensei Vassar pursued his Sandan (or third degree black belt) in Shito-Ryu karate through Nihon Karate-Do Kenwa-Kai.   He was a Junior National Team memner from 2001 to 2007, and a Senior National Team Member between 2004-2014.  He is an 11 time national champion, and a 5 year senior champion in kata, and his tenure on the US National Team resulted in the following titles:

  • 2003 Junior World Championships:  gold medalist

  • 2006 World University Championships: bronze medalist

  • 2003, 2006, 2007 Junior Panamerican Championships:  gold medalist

  • 2006 Senior Panamerican Championship: silver medalist

  • 2002 Junior Panamerican Championship: bronze medalist

  • 2007 Senior Panamerican Championship: bronze medalist

Outside of the dojo, Sensei Vassar enjoys Olympic weight-lifting, playing video games, skiing, and snowboarding. 

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